IV Vitamin Therapy


IV Vitamin therapy is a great way to address many issues and boost your overall health! Depending on what your area of concern is, a specific “cocktail” of vitamins are administered through an IV over a period of 30-60 minutes



A liquid mixture of vitamins are infused directly into a vein allowing the nutrients to bypass the digestive system. This provides a higher level of vitamins and minerals in your bloodstream resulting in greater uptake into the cells allowing better absorption. 


What are some of the benefits of IV Vitamins? 

  • Increased energy * Reduced stress

  • Improved skin quality * Improved symptoms of depression * Neutralization of free radicals * Boosted immune system * Correction of Vitamin and mineral deficiencies * Anti-Aging * Detoxification * Weight loss * Rehydration * sports recovery 


IV vitamin therapy benefits vary from one person to another depending on the health status of the individual as well as other factors.

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